This app doesn’t completely block notifications. Instead, it reads your texts to you and even allows for pre-made or voice responses. Although it’s not free, it can promote safer driving.


This app works by providing you with points-based incentives for using the app while driving. Open the app, drive over 6 mph, and you’ll receive points you can use at certain stores for discounts. You earn more points based on safe driving speed, time spent in traffic, and distance traveled.


This app is one that you manually engage. When you get in the car, turn on the app, and it will block your calls, texts, and other notifications. The app will also reply to texts you get, letting the sender know you’re driving and will get back to them soon.


This app keeps you from texting while walking, but it works for driving, too. Focus doesn’t block any pings, but it gives you verbal reminders to focus on driving. This free app is aimed at creating better habits, not just locking the phone.


This app enables the driver to select an estimated driving time, and the app locks the phone and blocks all notifications during that timeline. Like SafeDrive, TextNoMore offers discounts at participating stores for incentives, but it also allows you to receive calls on a hands-free device.

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