Other Options to Consider

Since most courts will not award joint custody of pets, there are other options that can be considered, so both spouses can still enjoy time with their beloved companions. Mediation can be done where the two spouses, along with their attorneys, meet to come to an agreement about the custody of their pets. This process does not involve the court and gives couples a way to put the pet’s best interests into consideration.

An attorney can help guide you through the process of mediation and offer suggestions based on similar cases. They will be able to help you determine what agreement will work best for your specific situation and your pet’s needs. They can also help set up a visitation schedule that will work best for both parties.

Some possible arrangements for pets in a divorce may include:

  • Having the pets follow the same custody arrangement as the children. The pets can go along with the children to whatever house they are assigned to.
  • Allowing for visitation at an agreed upon location, so a spouse is still be able to spend time with the pet.
  • Dividing up time equally for the pet to go between the two homes during the year.

In addition to mediation, an attorney can help create a legal agreement concerning the pet. Once arrangements are agreed to, this can be put in writing and be legally binding.

If an agreement cannot be reached and the custody of the pet needs to be taken to court, an attorney can help prove your case. They will gather evidence from sources such as a veterinarian, neighbor, or groomer to help support your case in proving that you are the best caregiver for the pet, so you can be awarded custody.

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