When parents divorce, they may not agree on who should have primary custody of the child. In order to determine where the child will be raised, the court may order a child custody evaluation for one or both parents. It is important that you are well-prepared for the evaluation, since the assessment they make can determine who should have custody or

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How to Prepare for a Child Custody Evaluation In Rhode Island

The evaluator is someone with professional experience in child welfare and has only one goal in mind: deciding what is best for the child. They will visit your home, ask questions, and speak with your child to get an idea of your daily life. After the evaluator has reported their findings to the judge, the judge will use the information to make a final ruling in the custody hearing on where the child will live.

In order to make a good impression during the evaluation, you should:

Be honest.

You may be asked difficult questions about your parenting style and personal relationships, as well as respond to comments or concerns made by your ex-spouse. It’s vital to answer questions honestly and avoid misrepresenting anything about the child’s home life—even if you think it could benefit your case.

Make your child comfortable.

You should let your child know someone will be coming to the house to ask questions, and they should act normally while the evaluator is there. Don’t coach or prompt your child to lie. Evaluators are skilled at observing interactions between parents and children, and they are trained to recognize when a child has been coached or is uneasy about responding.

Provide good references.

You will be asked for a list of references who will be contacted for follow-up interviews. Make sure you choose a good mix of family and friends who can attest to your ability to provide a safe and happy home.

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