Take Steps to Minimize Strong Emotions While Driving

Cool down.

If you need a minute to calm down, pull over and take a momentary break. This can be especially helpful if you are feeling angry or upset. It’s important to get your emotions under control before returning to the road.

Sideline your emotions.

It’s common for people to feel worried or stressed, especially on their way to and from work. You may have an important business meeting you’re concerned about or feel anxious about issues at home. When you become distracted by these types of thoughts, turn on the radio or make a point of shaking loose from any mental concerns that may interfere with your driving. Sideline these emotions by telling yourself you can think about them when you have stopped the car.

Aovid being late.

Many drivers feel frustrated and impatient because they fear being late or stuck in traffic when they need to arrive at their destination at a specific time. If you leave early and allow extra time to get where you need to go, you can help reduce the desire to drive faster or take risks that could cause an accident.


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