Experts Who Can Help Win Your Slip and Fall Case

If you are injured in a slip and fall or other premises liability accident, it may not be easy to obtain the compensation you deserve from the negligent business or property owner. Depending on any disputes with the property owner’s insurance company, you may need to hire an expert witness to resolve the dispute or testify at your jury trial. This is a person who is qualified based on his experience, education, and training to give an opinion about a certain fact, such as the cause of your slip and fall accident. Using expert witnesses for slip and fall cases

Types of Experts That Are Helpful in Slip and Fall Cases

One of the many benefits of retaining an experienced premises liability attorney is that he can help you identify experts who can help win your case. There are many types of experts you could need, and your attorney is likely to have a network of qualified experts to turn to. Some common ones include:

  • Building code expert. When a building code violation caused or contributed to your fall, a building inspector, engineer, or other individual knowledgeable in local building codes could be essential to prove this.
  • Accident reconstruction expert. Accident reconstruction specialists have the expertise to establish the sequence of events leading up to a slip and fall accident. They will visit the scene, examine pictures, read witness statements, and utilize other evidence to explain the cause of your fall.
  • Flooring expert. A flooring and traction expert will have the expertise to calculate how the “coefficient of fraction” affects the safety of a floor. The coefficient of fraction is a mathematical calculation to determine how slippery a floor is.
  • Medical expert. A medical expert can provide testimony as to the causal connection between your fall and the injuries you suffered, treatments that you need, and your final prognosis.
  • Economic expert. If you need future medical treatment, must make a career change due to your injuries, or become disabled, an economic expert can calculate the amount of future medical or wage loss compensation you should receive in your settlement.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, our experienced premises liability attorneys are here to fight for the compensation you deserve. Call our office, or start an online chat to schedule a free consultation today.