How Erb’s Palsy Can Be Caused by Medical Error

In some cases, Erb’s Palsy may be cause by medical negligence. As a parent, you should consider the possibility that your doctor may not have done everything possible to prevent Erb’s Palsy. If you think this may be the case, you should begin by requesting an inquiry. In cases where Erb’s Palsy is due to medical negligence, they are usually related to one of the following issues:

Inaccurate weight assessment.

The baby’s weight was not correctly estimated before delivery.

Incorrect delivery.

A caesarian section was not performed.

Inadequate diagnosis and treatment.

You were not correctly diagnosed or treated for gestational diabetes.

Insufficient information.

Your doctor did not inform you of the risks of delivering a large baby vaginally.

Inadequate delivery.

Your doctor did not perform adequate delivery techniques to manage obstructed labor.

Excessive force.

Your doctor applied unnecessary force during the delivery.

The long-term goal for a child with Erb’s Palsy is that he will be able to regain partial or full use of the affected hand or arm. Treatment for infant brachial plexus injuries can include gentle exercise, physical therapy, and sometimes surgery. In cases where Erb’s Palsy is found to be due to medical negligence, damages that may be awarded include medical expenses for past and future treatment, compensation for pain and suffering, and loss of earnings for the life expectancy of the child.

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