Third parties.

In some cases, a third party might be held liable for negligence such as the delivery company who left a crate of food in the walkway of a supermarket patio or the ice cream store next to the parking lot that did not clean up dropped cones.

The victim.

Rhode Island injury cases adopt a system called comparative negligence, which means the victim can be assigned some portion of the blame for his part in an injury. However, the state statute is fairly forgiving toward the victim. If the injured person can show that someone else was even one percent at fault, the victim will still be eligible for damages.

Evidence is the biggest factor in winning a slip and fall case. Victims who take a picture of the conditions of the floor (including the location of the food item and whether a “wet floor” sign was present) and have the names of witnesses on the scene are much more likely to get compensation for their claims. 

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