During a special mission.

An employer may make a request for an employee to run an errand before or after his shift begins such as picking up coffee for a meeting or dropping off paperwork to a client on his way home. If the employee is performing a work-related mission, he is covered by workers’ compensation for the entirety of the journey.

On an area controlled by the employer.

Employees can receive workers’ compensation for injuries in areas outside the workplace that are owned or controlled by an employer—in the company parking lot, the employer’s offsite lunchroom, or another area that is considered an extension of the workplace.

While on call.

Some employees, including doctors and firefighters, are required to remain “on call” outside of regular business hours. If the employee is on call, he is under the control of the employer and is eligible for workers’ compensation if he is injured while performing work-related activities.

During an after-hours visit.

Employees may be eligible for workers’ compensation for injuries to non-scheduled employees that occur after-hours. For example, a scheduled employee may receive a ride to or from work from another employee who has the day off. If the unscheduled employee is injured in the process of picking up or dropping off the scheduled employee, the employer may be liable for the cost.


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