Understanding of the law.

Truck drivers and trucking companies must follow numerous federal laws and regulations regarding truck maintenance, hiring, and how long a trucker can drive without a break. You need a lawyer who understands these complex rules and can determine if violations caused your crash.

Thorough investigation.

An experienced truck accident attorney will understand the importance of a prompt and thorough investigation into the cause of your collision. The trucking company will most likely have many of the documents you will need to prove its negligence, as well as the trucker’s negligence. A lawyer handling these cases will know what information to request and will send a spoliation letter quickly advising the trucking company not to destroy this vital evidence.

Multiple parties.

There are frequently multiple parties who are responsible for compensating truck accident victims. In addition to the trucking company and truck driver, the shipper, maintenance facility, parts manufacturer, and others could be responsible for paying for damages. By pursuing claims against all liable parties, you increase the likelihood that you will be fully compensated for your injuries

Value your claim.

You could suffer serious or catastrophic injuries in a truck wreck due to the massive size and weight of the truck. Your lawyer will be able to determine the value of your claim, so you receive what you are entitled to in your settlement.

Complex negotiations.

Because of the higher value of your claim and the potential for multiple negligent parties, settlement negotiations can be complex. Your attorney will have the skill to file multiple claims and conduct simultaneous negotiations on your behalf.


If the insurance company refuses to offer you a reasonable settlement, you will need to file a lawsuit and must have a lawyer to do so. You want an attorney who has experience litigating as well as settling these cases and will not be afraid to take your case to trial, if necessary.


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