Guidance Through Life-Changing Injuries in Rhode Island

Head injuries include traumatic brain injuries, concussions and penetrating head injuries. Traumatic brain injuries are caused by a disruption of the brain's normal function as a result of a bump, blow or jolt to the head or body. Concussions are mild brain injuries that occur when a blow to the body causes the head to move rapidly back and forth, bouncing the brain against the skull. People who suffer whiplash can also have a concussion.

Traumatic brain injuries are classified as mild, moderate and severe. A severe brain injury can result in coma or wrongful death. Mild and moderate brain injuries can also have serious consequences. People with these injuries may experience memory loss, confusion, headaches, personality changes, depression and cognitive difficulties. They may be unable to return to work or maintain relationships.

Closed head and traumatic brain injuries are frequently caused by:

Falls and car accidents are the leading causes of brain injuries. However, any accident that applies significant force to the body can result in a brain injury.

Building a Strong and Successful Case

When Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum represents you, we will undertake a comprehensive legal effort to help you obtain the medical care and compensation you are entitled to receive. We will investigate the accident to establish the liability of the responsible party. To better understand our clients' medical and rehabilitation needs, we consult with brain specialists at leading hospitals in Rhode Island and elsewhere in New England. Our work could include consultations with a life care planner who can map out a complete listing of the care and services your loved one and your family will need. We will make a full accounting of all economic and noneconomic losses and provide vigorous representation in court or in settlement negotiations.

The personal injury lawyers at Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum will work with determination to obtain full compensation for your medical and rehabilitation costs, lost income, and pain and suffering.

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