The Pain And Risks Of Whiplash

Whiplash can cause injuries such as disk herniation and muscle strain/sprain to the neck, back and spinal cord. It can also cause headaches, swelling, muscle spasms and a limited range of motion. The most serious injuries associated with whiplash are concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Even if you do not hit your head, whiplash can damage the brain by causing it to bounce back and forth against the skull.

Whiplash and other soft tissue injuries cause real pain, but they can be challenging cases to prove because they are not easy injuries to see on an X-ray. People with whiplash may need an MRI or other tests to illustrate the effects of the injury. To receive compensation, we must demonstrate that your injuries prevent you from working or performing daily tasks. Our lawyers know which medical tests can provide this type of evidence. We will ensure that you get the medical care you need and work to obtain compensation for your losses.

Christopher L. Russo
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