Meet Robyn Factor, Personal Injury Attorney

Robyn K. Factor
Helping Rhode Island personal injury and work injury clients get the results they deserve since 1994.

My name is Robin factor I am a partner in the law firm of Kirshenbaum and Kirshenbaum and I practice workers compensation law and personal injury law. I became an attorney most likely because my father was an attorney and he practice at the same firm for a number of years. In my childhood years, watching him seeing what he did for people and helping people and what pleasure he took from the practice of law inspired me to eventually go to law school and become an attorney myself. Providence and Cranston is where law firm is located there are. a lot of people here who I have known through family and friends just recently I took in a case for a woman who had been injured at work and she was telling me about her wish you grew up in wish she lived currently and it turned out that I had family that lived right around the corner from her and she was very familiar with my family and my, it was my brother-in-law and my nieces. I practiced law because I feel like I am really making a difference in people's lives. When people come to me it's usually because there's something in their life that's overwhelming, whether it's being in a motor vehicle accident and they're injured or they suffered an injury at work. So I feel like my job is to relieve that stress, deal with insurance companies, and deal with the legal system so that my clients can really focus on getting better. What I like to do is navigate people through the legal system. Kirshenbaum and Kirshenbaum is very much a family oriented law firm number of the employees here have been here for a very long time the senior partner at this firm at one time was my father he has since retired. Chris's father was also a partner in the firm, we have had siblings working here sisters-in-law working here and most like I said most of the employees have been here for a very long time and we definitely have a family atmosphere. We provide relationships legal services are just the icing on the cake.

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