Louis and Izzy Kirshenbaum founded our firm and later hired Alfred Factor and Paul Russo, fathers of the partners of the firm who manage the business today.

Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum was founded by two partners, Louis and Izzy Kirshenbaum. Now I sometimes feel a little uncomfortable talking about them because I never got and actual chance to meet the two brothers. But what I love is that you talk to the attorney and state community, they all know the two brothers and they established this firm and they were the giants in Rhode Island. And that's where my father, Paul Russo, first started his practice right out of law school. And he enjoyed his practice with Al Factor and other partners came on and they worked her their entire careers. And that's something that's really unique to this practice and this firm, is the longevity that people stay. And it may sound corny but we call ourselves a family here. We have a receptionist who I went to high school here with her son. How many people can say they've had a receptionist who's been with them for multiple decades? We have support staff who have been here on average of thirty plus years. That's family, that they feel the sense of loyalty and commitment and that's what a family is about and that's what our firm is about and we share that with our clients. That they become part of our family as well. 

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