How Clients Can Help Their Attorneys in an Injury Case

Attorneys carry much of the responsibility for ensuring that a personal injury case is successful. However, legal representation is a partnership, and you need to work with your attorney to get the best resolution to your case. While your attorney will handle the legal aspects of the case, you will have many responsibilities as the client—duties that can increase your settlement amount and help win your case.  Client responsibilities in a personal injury case

Helping Your Attorney Succeed

Your first responsibility after your personal injury is to make sure you stay up to date with your medical care. If you cancel appointments or don’t follow your treatment plan to the letter, the other parties in your case may assume that your injury is not serious. You should keep any follow-up appointments, and follow all recommendations made by your doctors and specialists.

As a client, you can also greatly benefit your case by:

  • Aiding in gathering evidence. Most attorneys will give you a list of the kinds of documentation they need, including a record of the time you missed from work, your medical records from all the facilities that treated your injury, your various insurance policies, and a statement in your own words about how your injuries have impacted your daily life.
  • Telling your attorney the truth. You should not lie or hide any details that could be relevant to your case. If you fail to disclose information to your lawyer, he will be less prepared during the case. If you are not sure if something is relevant, it’s best to tell your attorney rather than withhold the information.
  • Keeping your lawyer informed. The details of your case may change as the case progresses, and you need to share new evidence, medical progress reports, and communication from insurers and employers with your attorney. If you cannot make a meeting with your lawyer or attend court proceedings, always let your lawyer know as soon as possible.

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