A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that can have serious, long-lasting effects. If you have suffered a blow to the head, you should see a medical specialist as soon as possible. If your concussion was the result of a motor vehicle accident, slip-and-fall accident or another type of negligence, you should also speak with an attorney concerning your right to claim compensation.

Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum is a team of experienced personal injury attorneys serving Providence and all of Rhode Island with extensive experience in cases involving concussions and traumatic brain injuries. We understand the effects that such injuries have on our clients' lives and the medical challenges they face. When you retain our law firm, we will seek full and fair compensation for all losses.

Obtaining Medical Care and Compensation for Concussion Victims

The immediate effects of a concussion injury are transient confusion and in some cases a period of unconsciousness. Other, more long-lasting effects can include headaches, irritability and impaired reasoning skills. Because these effects often develop over time, neuropsychologists prefer to wait at least six months and up to a year before definitively describing the extent of a concussion injury, sometimes referred to as post-concussive syndrome or post-concussion syndrome. CT scans are commonly used to provide evidence of a concussion injury.

However, insurance companies frequently deny claims involving post-concussive syndrome, claiming that medical evidence of the injury does not exist. For this reason, legal representation is often needed in order to obtain fair compensation for a concussion injury.

When representing you, our lawyers will provide results-oriented representation seeking full compensation for you. Working with a neuropsychologist or other medical specialists, we will identify the extent of your injury. Our Rhode Island attorneys for concussion victims will document the liability of the party or parties responsible for your injury and identify all possible sources of compensation. Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum will work diligently to achieve the best possible monetary settlement or award for you.

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