Why It’s Important to Get Prompt Medical Attention After a Slip and Fall

A fall in a public place can cause stares from strangers and a flurry of bystanders asking questions, and victims may be quick to brush off the incident due to embarrassment. Victims who fall at a friend’s house or party may assure the host that they are not seriously injured in order to avoid hurt feelings. However, victims who forgo medical treatment after a fall may have more difficulty getting compensation for their injuries. See a doctor after an accident

There Is No Downside to Seeing a Doctor After a Slip and Fall

The adrenaline rush after an injury can dull your senses, covering up the pain even as you assure others that you’re all right. In the hours and days after the incident, you may begin to feel pain, and any delay in treatment could make recovery more difficult when you finally seek a doctor’s advice.

An immediate physical examination after a fall has many benefits, including improving your:

  • Health. No matter what your condition is after a fall, it is always best to see a doctor. A checkup can determine the true extent of your injuries, giving you the best chance of a complete recovery.
  • Compensation. If you go to the emergency room, all of the diagnostic testing performed will create a medical record of your condition immediately after the accident. Timely medical evidence prevents an insurance company from claiming that something other than the accident (such as a preexisting condition) caused the injuries.
  • Credibility. Insurers will look for any reason to deny fair compensation after an injury. If you refused medical attention, the insurance company may claim that your injuries were not that serious, or you didn’t do everything possible to prevent your condition from getting worse.

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