Tips on Managing Marital Property

In addition to a prenuptial agreement, there are other things you can do to manage and protect your property. You can keep your property separate from your spouse throughout your marriage if you have concerns about it being subject to division in case of a divorce.

Some tips to consider when managing marital property are:

  • Keep records such as receipts, deeds, titles, etc. to establish property ownership.
  • Keep any assets that you do not want considered marital property separate from your spouse, and do not use a joint account to purchase items you want to keep separate.
  • If you have a personal injury settlement, keep the proceeds separate from your spouse, so it is not part of marital property or a joint asset.
  • Keep separate bank accounts if you do not want the funds commingled and considered marital property.
  • Do not use non-marital funds to purchase marital property that may be split in the divorce.
  • Consider how you handle a business owned before marriage. A business you owned before marriage may be considered a marital asset if it has increased in value due to your spouse’s contribution to the business and may be divided as part of the divorce.

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