There are many reasons why truck crash cases are more complicated than everyday car accidents. Not only are the injuries in trucking accidents likely to be more severe, they also involve state and federal laws that outline the responsibilities of those who operate commercial trucks. When these laws are violated, the trucking company and its driver can be held liable for a victim’s injury costs, lost wages, and other damages. Rhode Island Truck accident Lawyer

When Carriers Do Not Follow Federal Trucking Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) was created to ensure that all commercial vehicles involved in interstate commerce complete their duties as safely as possible. There are a wide range of regulations issued by the FMCSA, and these apply not just to truck drivers but to the companies who own and operate commercial vehicles.

The most common violations that result in injuries involve:

Pre-trip inspections.

Commercial truck drivers are required to perform safety checks on their vehicles before every trip to identify safety concerns and correct them before setting off. Inspections should include wheels, tires, lights, reflectors, windshield wipers, and other vital systems.

Hours of service.

Truck drivers are forbidden to drive more than a certain number of hours and days in a row to prevent drowsy driving accidents. They are also required to keep driving log books of their time spent behind the wheel, rest breaks, and other details to ensure compliance.

Truck maintenance and repair.

Drivers and trucking companies have a duty to maintain their vehicles, so all systems are working properly, as well as keep accurate records tracking the vehicle’s maintenance, repairs, and safety ratings.

Drug and alcohol use.

Truck drivers are forbidden from using illegal drugs or alcohol before or during a driving shift. Trucking companies are required to drug test drivers regularly or in cases where substance abuse is suspected.

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