The owner of an apartment complex, hotel chain, or other commercial property has a legal duty to make the premises safe for use by tenants and guests. Part of this duty is ensuring that the owner has constructed the property in compliance with applicable and current building codes. If an owner or property manager ignores these regulations, victims may be eligible to file a premises liability claim. Premises Liability Lawyer Rhode Island

Building Code Violations Alone Are Not Enough to Sue for an Injury

Even if an injury victim is able to prove that a property owner violated a relevant building statute, his is also required to establish a causal link between the violation and the accident. A premises liability attorney can tell you whether you have a valid slip and fall case, gather proof if a property owner violated a building code, and show evidence that the violation led to a slip and fall. Building code violations may include:

Structure and utility problems.

Different structures have different requirements on the number of floors, occupant limits, type of roof, building materials, electrical and plumbing systems, and other state and local building regulations.

Unsafe steps or stairways.

Stairways are a common site of dangerous accidents and can occur if steps are not properly graded or measured, have been allowed to warp or crumble, are not properly lit, or do not have adequate railings.

Wheelchair ramps built inaccurately.

Wheelchair ramps must adhere to strict measurements and can be in violation of the building code if they are too steep, too narrow, slope sideways, lack side curbs, or do not have proper landings or handrails.

Dangerous outdoor areas.

Property owners have a duty to ensure that gates, fences, parking lots, sidewalks, decks, play areas, and structures such as carports and sheds are all safe for authorized visitors to use.

Inadequate security measures.

Property owners are required to make their premises reasonably safe, especially if they are responsible for the well-being of tenants and visitors. Owners can be held liable when a lack of security leads to an injury such as in an unsecured parking garage or because of faulty or improper locks.

Have You Been Injured On Someone's Property In Rhode Island?

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