One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is deciding what is best for the children. Parents will have to make choices for their kids that can have long-lasting consequences, such as where their child will live and go to school. 

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When You and Your Ex Have Different Preferences

Parents may have differing views, opinions, and preferences about how to raise their children. In all custody matters, the court will rule on the basis of what is in the best interest of the child. A judge will not allow parental rules or restrictions to continue if they cause harm to the emotional or physical health of the child. But what if parents simply cannot agree on the best way to bring up their children?

There are many different solutions available in these custody disputes, including:

Staying the course.

Most parents have already put a plan in place for their children’s upbringing, even if it has not formally been written down. If the child regularly attends a certain school or religious service, a judge will likely recommend that the current plan continues, so the child’s life is not disrupted.

Mediation and compromise.

It is in both parents’ best interests to work together and stay respectful of one another’s wishes on all parenting matters. Not only does this reinforce the strength of the parental unit, it prevents the need for court intervention. For example, there should be a clear understanding of whether the child will attend religious services with each parent.

An open mind about the future.

All child custody agreements are bound to change as the child ages. Children may have their own input as they become young adults, and their own beliefs should be taken into account.

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