Yes, but it can be difficult to prove your claim. Although a repetitive stress injury (RSI) is a common type of work injury, it is generally harder to get benefits for it. A claim that’s based on a single event such as a pallet falling on a worker’s foot and breaking a bone is typically more clear cut that a claim that involves the cumulative trauma of day-to-day work.  Compensation for repetitive stress injuries

Employees May Have Trouble Getting Fair Payment for Repetitive Strain Injuries

RSIs, also known as repetitive motion or repetitive strain injuries, are caused by repeated movements that create wear and tear on a particular part of the body. A common RSI is carpal tunnel syndrome, which causes severe wrist pain in people who work on assembly lines or computers.

Problems with these types of claims often include:

Proving that the injury is work related.

The biggest hurdle in these kinds of claims is establishing that the injury is work related. This is usually done with medical evidence and a doctor’s opinion that links the type of work performed to the specific injury. Insurers may try to deny claims with a weak link between the injury and the workplace, so a strong connection is vital in proving that the injury occurred on the job.

Filing a timely claim.

Rhode Island workers' compensation law requires workers to report injuries in a timely manner. However, this can be difficult when an injury occurs over a long period of time. Cases are typically stronger when they’re filed as soon as the injury becomes problematic or soon after the worker first seeks medical treatment.

Getting proper payment.

Workers' compensation provides benefits for lost income, medical bills, and even disability caused by a work-related injury. However, the worker cannot get additional financial support for pain and suffering, and usually he cannot sue the employer. If a repetitive stress injury has resulted in large financial losses or significant impairment, it is a good idea to speak with an attorney to determine whether your employer could be subject to a lawsuit to make up the additional costs of your claim.

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