Most injury attorneys use a contingent fee to charge for their services, meaning a client will only pay the attorney if the case is won. Since the attorney receives a portion of the damages in a contingent arrangement, it’s important that he carefully weigh the potential outcome against the chances of winning the case—and the victim will likely want to know what to expect in the weeks after hiring a lawyer. A free consultation offers a way for both parties to see if working together on the case would be worthwhile.  Personal Injury Lawyer Rhode Island Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum

Getting the Most From a Free Consultation

Free consultations offer many different benefits to victims. First, it allows them to meet with attorneys before committing to work with them, reducing the likelihood of changing attorneys during litigation. Victims are not limited to the number of free consultations they can have while trying to find a lawyer. This allows them to compare legal representatives risk-free until they find the one they want to hire. Finally, victims can get a sense of what to expect throughout the legal process, helping to prepare themselves for a future case.

If you have suffered an injury, a free consultation is an opportunity for you to learn:

If you need a lawyer or not.

An attorney should tell you how to resolve your claim in a way that makes the most financial sense, even if that does not include hiring a lawyer. An attorney should advise you of anything you can do on your own that could resolve the claim (such as filing paperwork) or whether you do not have a viable claim (such as if the statute of limitations has expired).

If you trust the attorney to handle your case.

You should use a consultation to gauge whether an attorney has the experience necessary to win your case. In particular, it is a good idea to ask how long the attorney has been practicing law and how many of your particular injury case he has successfully resolved.

If you’re ready for the next steps.

While an attorney cannot definitively tell you the outcome of your case in a first meeting, he can tell you which strategies and procedures are likely to succeed and how long the case will take to be resolved. You should also learn what your responsibilities will be and how often you can expect to hear from the lawyer as your case progresses.

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