Collect contact information.

Collect the contact information for the drunk driver, his insurance company, and any witnesses. You should not rely on the police to obtain contact information for witnesses. Get this essential information yourself before it is lost.

Do not give a recorded statement.

A recorded statement is a tape-recorded question and answer session between the insurance adjuster and you. You are not required to give one to settle your claim, and you could say something that inadvertently hurts your case.

Don’t settle too quickly.

You want to avoid accepting the first settlement offer from the insurance company as it will most likely be for far less than you deserve. You should never settle a drunk driving accident claim without first consulting with an experienced Rhode Island car accident attorney to be certain you receive a fair settlement.

Contact an attorney.

One of your first steps following a drunk driving accident should be to retain an experienced car accident attorney. He can guide you through the process of filing your claim, investigating your accident, and negotiating your settlement for you.


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