Independent Contractor vs. Employee

An independent contractor is hired by an employer to do a specific job for an agreed-upon rate. Contractors are not only exempt from workers’ compensation but also unemployment, overtime, and other work-related benefits. As a result, employers often wrongly classify employees as independent contractors. So, if you’re injured while working, you should closely examine the terms of employment to determine if you fit the definition of an independent contractor. Contractors differ from employees because they:

  • Are free to work for other employers
  • Have a signed contract outlining the responsibilities of the worker and employer
  • Are free to perform work at the time and manner they prefer
  • Perform work that requires a particular or specialized skill
  • Set their own hours and use their own tools
  • Can be paid either by the job or by the hour
  • Do not have a long-standing working relationship with the employer
  • Operate their own business or have their own employees


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