Cellphone use.

On June 1, 2018, all drivers are prohibited from using their hands to engage in phone calls while driving in Rhode Island. The law excludes some professionals such as on-duty police officers and emergency vehicle drivers, public utility workers, taxi drivers, or truck and bus drivers who are not carrying passengers. Exceptions may also be made for drivers who use a handheld device in an emergency situation to call 911, a hospital, a fire department, or other emergency response service. Drivers caught talking on their cellphones while driving may be ordered to pay up to a $100 fine, but this fine may be suspended for first offenders who provide proof of purchasing a hands-free accessory before the fine is imposed.

Novice drivers.

Any driver under the age of 18 is prohibited from all cellphone use while driving, including hand-held and hands-free. This is also a primary law.

Bus drivers.

Bus drivers are prohibited from all cellphone use. This is also a primary law, with first-time offenders facing an $85 fine, which increases for each subsequent offense.

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