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If you’ve suffered a job-related injury, you may wonder if you have a workers’ compensation case. To ensure that you navigate what can be a complicated claims process, it’s important to hire legal representation to help file your claim. If filed properly and on time, your worker’s comp claim may provide financial support for lost wages, medical expenses, and disability benefits.

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Slip and falls are some of the most common types of work injuries, and employees should know what to do if these accidents occur. Slipping due to spilled liquids on the floor or falling from a ladder can cause head and back injuries, paralysis, and even death—and it’s important that workers take immediate action to protect both their livelihoods and workers' compensation claim. What to do after a work injury

What to Do After a Slip And Fall at Work

The first thing an employee should do after an accident is to see a doctor as quickly as possible. If the injury cannot be treated with onsite first-aid methods, the employee should leave work and go to the emergency room. Even if the injury does not require immediate intervention, X-rays and other diagnostic evidence can be invaluable for compensation claims.

In the days following a work injury, the employee should:

Fill out an accident report.

Most employers require that any injuries on the premises be reported to both the business owners and federal regulators. If possible, you should report the injury to your supervisor on the day of the accident. Your supervisor will need to complete an injury report and file the paperwork before you can seek coverage through workers’ compensation.

File a workers’ compensation claim.

Once the accident has been documented, the employee can file for injury benefits under workers' compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation allows employees to receive benefits for medical bills and lost income without taking an employer to court or proving that the employer's negligence caused the injury.

Consult an attorney.

There are some instances when workers’ compensation is not enough to cover the employee’s injury costs. A worker’s claim for compensation may be denied, his earning capacity severely diminished, or he may experience retaliation from the employer for filing an injury claim. An attorney can examine the details of the case closely to determine whether the employee could file a lawsuit against the employer.

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