Liability for Car Accident Injuries Caused by a Collapsing Roof

A rollover crash can cause devastating injuries, especially if the vehicle’s roof collapses. Even if the roof survives the initial impact, the car may remain flipped over for hours after an accident, placing the victims at risk of further head and neck trauma. When this happens, victims and their families may be owed compensation from the manufacturer of the roof that should have kept them safe. Rollover accidents and crushed roof injuries

How Car Manufacturers Contribute to Roof Crush Injuries

When the roof of a car collapses in a rollover car accident, victims can suffer broken necks, traumatic brain injuries, skull fractures, and spinal cord injuries that cause partial or complete paralysis. An injury attorney can examine the wreckage carefully to determine whether your vehicle was defective and if this defect could have caused your injuries.

An automaker could be liable for injuries caused by a roof crush accident due to:

  • Inadequate design. Some vehicles are defective even in the initial stages of design, such as when their roof specifications will not bear an adequate amount of weight.
  • Poor construction. Auto manufacturers have a duty to produce vehicles that withstand a great amount of force while protecting the occupants inside. Flawed components or shoddy assembly can weaken the overall product, causing failure when the occupant needs protection most.
  • Lack of proper testing. Manufacturers have a duty to ensure that a car’s roof crush resistance is at least 3 times the vehicle’s weight. All makes and models should be thoroughly tested to ensure roof crush standards.
  • Faulty repair. If your car was recently serviced before your crash, you should speak to an attorney as soon as possible. Poor installation of a new part, incompatible components, or mechanical malfunction could have played a part in your accident.

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