Our injury attorneys can work with you to make your legal fees affordable by offering:

Free consultations.

Our lawyers always begin truck accident cases with a free initial consultation, for a number of reasons. First, it gives clients an opportunity to get their questions answered without taking on additional costs. Second, we are able to evaluate the facts to identify any potential problems before we agree to take the case. Third, it gives both parties a chance to see if they can work together.

Advancing court costs.

A legal claim may require filing fees, investigations, outside expert testimony, securing medical records and police reports, and other expenses. Our attorneys understand that injury victims may not have the resources to pay for the ongoing costs of a case, so we pay for all court-related costs up front and are reimbursed when your case is over.

Fees paid after recovery.

If your case is successful, our law firm is paid with a portion of your total award or settlement.


Christopher L. Russo
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