Any divorce can be stressful, but those that are contentious often require that you carefully control what you say and do around your ex. Any interaction you have can be used as evidence in your divorce case, and what you post on social media can also be used as evidence.  Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum

How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce

Social Media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter may be powerful networking tools, but they are also a public source of evidence—and some of the things you, your friends, or family post can negatively impact your divorce.

If you are separating from a spouse, anything you post on social media could be used to:

Hurt your reputation or credibility.

Anything posted on your page can be attributed back to you, even if you are not actively involved. Even if you simply send a message that notifies your friends of your divorce, the comment section can quickly turn nasty as people rally to “your side” to offer support.

Call your parenting ability into question.

Any public statements that your children can see online could surface during custody hearings, while pictures of you partying, drinking, or using drugs may cause a judge to consider you an unfit parent.

Provide grounds for divorce.

While most divorces in Rhode Island are “no fault,” the state does allow some grounds for a fault divorce such as adultery. If one spouse finds evidence that could lead to a fault divorce (such as an active dating profile or conversations with a love interest), the at-fault spouse may be ordered to pay more in the settlement.

Even if your social media accounts have strict privacy controls, a friend or mutual connection could see your posts and forward the information to your ex. In most cases, it is best to deactivate your social media account until your divorce is final, or delete the account altogether. 

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